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Verified Technology & Certifications

  • 시큐브 ISO 9001 품질경영시스템 인증 획득

  • Management Systems Assessment

    Secuve was certified by Management Systems Assessment in July 2006. This verified
    our efforts in providing quality service along with achieving international standards.
    The procedure of ISO 9001 authentication abides by the international standard by going
    through the procedure from checking product design, implementation, installment to
    servicing ultimately guaranteeing product’s overall quality.

  • 국내 제1호 서버보안(SecureOS)분야 CC EAL3+ 인증 획득 SecuveTOS®

  • Common Criteria EAL3

    Secuve TOS was authenticated with CC EAL3+ and EAL4 for the first time in Korea
    in the sector of Secure OS.In July 2008, it became the only product to
    have obtained EAL4 in this industry as a whole.

  • 핵심 기술 특허(국내/PCT국제 특허)보유

  • Patents SECUVE was patented with

    PCT International patent for Method and apparatus for protecting file system based on
    digital signature certificate (Registered in Korea, Australia, China, USA, Japan).

    Patent for Multi-Level Security based on digital signature certificate.

    Patent for Role Based Access Control based on digital signature certificate.

  • 핵심 기술 특허(국내/PCT국제 특허)보유

  • Acquiring FIDO(Fast IDentity Online) Certification,
    the global standard for biometric authentication

    SECUVE PG Platform was FIDO-certified on December 2015.

    SECUVE’s biometric signature authentication obtained the FIDO Certification on March 2016,
    which is the first FIDO-certified biometric signature authentication in Korea.

  • 국가정보원 보안적합성 승인 완료 – SecuveTOS®

  • National Intelligence Service-Korea Evaluation and Certification Scheme

    Secuve TOS was approved with all currently commercialized platforms namely Windows, Linux, UNIX
    (Solaris, HP-UX, IBM, AIX, UnixWare, HP Tru64) etc. This allowed Secuve to apply its technology on
    various platformsto further engage in large-scale systems with only one security solution.

  • 세계일류상품 선정 SecureOS분야 국내 유일

  • World Class Product

    Secuve TOS was appointed as World Class Product.
    Products with global competency or prospected to have high potentials in the global market are
    chosen as World Class Product by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy.

  • VeriTest TTA 국제 인증

  • VeriTest TTA

    Secuve TOS was certified with Verti Test International Quality Authentication. Veri-Test TTA
    evaluates software and determines quality through examinations that follows 4 types of
    ultimate authentications such as “Good Quality” certificate.

  • GS 인증(소프트웨어 품질 인증)

  • Good Software

    At the institution (Telecommunications Technology Association) appointed by the Ministry of
    Knowledge Economy, products are tested to see if they satisfy software quality standards.
    Secuve TOS was certified in April 2002.

  • IR52 장영실상 수상

  • IR52 Jang Young Shil Award

    The Jang Young Shil Award is given to private companies who accomplished outstanding results
    in technological innovation under the strict guidelines of the Ministry of Science and Technology,
    Maeil Business Newspaper and Korea Industry Technology Association.
    Secuve was awarded for its “Secuve TOS-Preventing Hacking File System Based on Digital Signature”
    in February 2002.

  • 대한민국디지털경영혁신대상-정보기술우수상(중소기업청장상)수상

  • Korea Digital Management Innovation Awards

    Secuve was the only one to be awarded Grand prize in the industry of information security.
    This award is presented by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Maeil Business,
    National Assembly Digital Forum and Small & Medium Business Administration to promote innovation
    and to contribute to the development of digital industry.